Vancouver Film School
Branding | UX | interactive
Clair is a virtual interpreter for video calling and messaging, that makes communication for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing more intuitive by employing gesture and sign language recognition in realtime. 
The goal was to design this for common interfaces that would people would use to make video calls; primarily designed for TVs or other large screen devices and Mobiles.
Empowering Silent Voices
tv application and mobile design
Research and Brainstorming
This phase was about understanding the users' pain points and mapping out solutions for those, while keeping in mind the user's everyday journey. 
Experience Map for a user's journey
wireframing & prototypes
Based on the various features for this MVP, wireframes were created to implement a structure for the entire application and how it would be integrated with existing softwares in video calling and communications.
Sketch Wireframes
Digital Wireframes
branding and high fidelity design
The branding was created keeping in mind the futuristic needs and technology while still staying true to the users and their everyday usage.
Brand Logo
Colour and Typography
Brand Icons
Component Library
The components were built to keep simplicity in mind, and for quick access and readability on TV based on the Human Interface Guidelines.
usage and building
Here's how the interpreter would exist in everyday environments and over different devices and how medium of delivery differs based on that. We also worked to create a working prototype and using Teachable Machine to train the model to record and identify a few hand signs keeping in mind different backgrounds, light, depth and perception.
Video Call
Video Call
Behind the Scenes
A simple video case study of the processes behind building this project from the research and ideation phase till the prototype and development of the application.
Future Scope
The Tv App could further be expanded to other mediums like projections, holograms and even to VR/AR platforms in the future to increase ease of use and as the technology is more prevalent. 
Pradhiksha Yogasaravanan  Research | Art Direction | Branding | UI & UX 
 Itzel Salvador Machine learning and core functionality
Sebastian P UI programming

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