My Role
Art Direction | Branding | Information Architecture | User Interface Design 
Illustrator | Photoshop 
'Clink’, is a brand based out of Vancouver, where they organize open mic shows through out the city in secret locations, on a variety of themes in order to promote new topics, experiences and cultures, that are at the heart of Canada.
The challenge was to create a contest site for the brand, to increase footfall for their events. The idea was to do a negative campaigning for the brand by conducting a contest to find the most 'Trashy' singer, an encourage more people to showcase their creative talents without fear of performance. 
Encouraging you to perform!
web and mobile design
Market Research of competitors in Vancouver, BC
Primary: Students & Young Adults from the age of 18-25 years who experiment with their interest in music and art, and want to perform in a crowd. 
Secondary: Aged 25-35, They prefer to discuss music, poetry and literature over drinks, and meet new people who share the same interests.
Tertiary: Professional Performers and Musicians, who are from Vancouver or even travelling artists, who want to perform and meet new talents in the community. 
User Flow for the microsite
Sketch Wireframes
Digital Wireframes
Style Guide

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